40 sq"ft Heated Floor Mat

For Only $ 369

Heated Floor Package Includes: Mat, Thermostat, and Custom Layout.

You are looking at an all inclusive radiant floor heating package to heat the flooring of your bathroom/any room. Our Radiant Floor Heating System is rated at 120 volt 15 watt per sq"ft. After buying the radiant floor heating package contact US for info on receiving your custom radiant floor heating layout. Additional Square footage may be covered by multiple radiant floor heating mats (units).

U.S. Floor Heating is dedicated to bringing you the unbelievable comfort of being warmed from underneath by radiant floor heating. The warmth from radiant floor heating blankets your feet and legs then naturally rises to make the entire room comfy and cozy. The radiant floor heating Netmats from U.S. Floor Heating are easy to install under any type of flooring.

netmat electric floor heating mat  Free Template from Template-O-Matic.com  floor heating touch screen thermostat 

             NetMat                        LayOut                          Touch Screen Thermostat          

U.S. Floor Heating's underfloor flexible fiberglass radiant floor heating mesh is a specially modeled weave of protected resistance cable which is installed and sealed under your flooring. The radiant floor heating system operates on the principle of electrical resistance with cables from Du Pont. Please call: 866-537-8232 Mon-Fri between 9-5 Central time for any questions.


Flexible fiberglass arranges the heating cables for simple installation for the radiant floor heating.

High quality resistance wires are woven into 1' or 1.5' wide mats.

The spacing of the wires is 3.2 inches apart. The bottom of the fiberglass mesh is adhesive and sticks to the surface of the sub-floor during the radiant floor heating system installation.

Attached to each end of the resistance wire are non-heating non-resistive wires. These cold leads are 15 ft long and connect to a floor thermostat to control the radiant floor heating.

About NetMat: U.S. Floor Heating's NetMat is Self-adhesive, making for an easier installation, and there is no need for a Thin Set layer when using our radiant floor heating.

U.S. Floor Heating's NetMat floor heating system is designed to be a do it yourself radiant floor heating system.

Thin 1/8 in. cable thickness will not raise floor height which means you can enjoy radiant floor heating even if your ceilings are low.

U.S. Floor Heating's NetMat radiant floor heating system will heat rooms of any shape or size.

The fiberglass mesh protects the integrity of the radiant floor heating cables.

TThe fiberglass mesh also stabilizes the floor covering about the radiant floor heating system.


  • All radiant floor heating installations must be performed in accordance with the installation manual and local electric code to be covered by our full warranty.

  • In accordance with the National Electric Code, and our warranty, the electrical circuit must be protected by a GFCI breaker, 15 watt/sqft material may not be laid directly on combustible material.

  • The timer included in the thermostat (if included in the sale) can be set for up to 4 on/off cycles per day for each day of the week separately. Allowing total control of your radiant floor heating system.

  • Optional 5 year warranty is available for an additional $49 for all radiant floor heating systems.

  • Express delivery is available upon written request.

  • Production is started once deposit/full payment is made.

  • Payment methods include PayPal .

  • The customer must consult with a Flooring Expert after the heating element is spread on the floor to insure the correct integration of the heating element with all materials, as well as the proper installation of the flooring system.

  • By paying for the sale amount, the customer agrees to the terms and conditions.

  • All goods are manufactured to the consumerís own specification & are custom made. Therefore all payments are final.

  • A 5 year warranty for our radiant floor heating mats, in accordance with paragraph 4, is effective from the delivery date. Warranty on thermostats (if part of the sale) is given by the thermostat’s manufacturer.

  • U.S Heating System Inc., d.b.a. u.s floor heating, under approval of the State of WI. All issues dealing with a breach of any of the agreements as expressed in this transaction shall be heard in the Circuit Court of Cook County, 2nd District of Illinois.

  • Contact Information: Tel: - 866-537-8232 Email - info@usfloorheating.com Street - 4050 N Rockwell Ave Chicago IL 60618