Chestertown heated floor membrane

The largest amount of space you can use Chestertown heated floor membrane with one 120 volt thermostat is about 130 square foot or so. So, in larger rooms, it's sometimes smart to install two separate thermostats because if you're using one area as a living space or hanging out in another for different purposes than the rest of the room, you could operate your membrane heated floor in Chestertown zones independently.

Having multiple thermostat zones gives you much more control over the temperature and can save you on operational costs. Everyone's house has different temperature needs room to room with Chestertown heated floor membrane.

Extra thermostats not only eliminate the need for air vents that are never quite doing their job addressing that room to room issue, it takes over the job of your personal heat adjustment needs far more efficiently.

For instance if you have a fireplace on one wall and a big sliding door on the other, you can set the floor heat temperature differently near the perimeter where it might be colder and and use less heat towards in the inside of the room which can remain warmer away from outside influences and nearer the fireplace.

Just as temperatures vary throughout your home, your Chestertown heated floor membrane sensors can adjust for that when you install more than one thermostat. And, once you set your thermostat to your liking, it will maintain your chosen comfort zone for you worry free.

Other types of thermostat sensors are also available should you want additional features. Although we do not carry them, WiFi units are available in the market should you wish to upgrade.

For heavier applications like snow melting, we provide higher voltage thermostats which are also programmable. Call for more information about these heavy duty snow melting thermostats.

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