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Floor Heating System


Quickmat is a floor heating system, engineered to be a product for under tile or stone flooring projects.

This floor heating system is Self-adhesive, for a straightforward installation, allowing installation ofl your floor heating and flooring in the same day!

With the QuickMat Floor Heating System aluminum strips are used to arrange the heating cables in an easily shaped mat while still maintaining 75% of the flooring surface free for the tile's adhesive.

As a result the floor heating unit will bond better to the sub-floor, making it the ideal floor heating system for under tile and stone flooring.

In addition this floor heating mat is only 1/8'inch in thickness, so you can easily use it in nearly any room you are looking to bring floor heating too.

U.S. Floor Heating has 3 Widths available for your floor heating needs, 12', 18', and 30' inch.

U.S. Floor Heating Mats offers both 120 Volt and 240 Volt floor heating systems.

  •   120 Volt – recommended for the following situations for example.

    Bathrooms less than 240 sq. ft. wall-to-wall. Bedrooms less than 180 sq. ft. wall-to-wall. Living Rooms less than 160 sq. ft. wall-to-wall. Kitchens less than 200 sq. ft. wall-to-wall.

  •   240 Volt – can be used in an unlimited amount of space.

    In cases where the space is too large for 120 Volt and a 240 Volt is unavailable we will gladly provide a diagram so that you may setup the 120 Volt. In these cases, additional work may be required by your electrician.

U.S. Floor Heating offers an UL certified 15 Watts per sq.ft.

With 15 Watt per sq. ft. the floor heating mats heat up quicker and produce a greater amount of heat without increasing your energy costs. We also can offer a 10 and 12 Watt per sq. ft. if necessary due to the technical situation on site.

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Technical Data:(you can find more pictures on the floor heating gallery)

Coverage Area 9 to 113 sq. ft. per unit
12', 18' and 30' Inch
Cable Thickness
1/8' Inch
120 or 240
Watt per sq. ft.
10, 12 or 15