Common Questions About Floor Heating System in Boston MA

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Q. Why should someone consider Floor Heating System? What are the benefits to radiant floor heating?

A. There are multiple benefits to installing in Boston Floor Heating System. When remodeling, it provides a cost effective, easy to install solution to heating a new or updated room, as there is no need to run more duct work or expand your furnace. radiant floor heating also cut down on your energy bills. If you only need/want to heat one room in your Boston home(for example, the kitchen), you can simply turn on the thermostat in that room, instead of running your primary heating source. Because of this, Floor Heating System in Boston is also a green alternative, as it cuts down on MA energy consumption. But what is the biggest benefit of all? Pure comfort. Instead of stepping on cold tiles or walking into a cold room, your feet will always find a comforting warm floors, providing a level of comfort you never knew possible. Furthermore, when an individual's feet feel warm, they are warm, so the need to constantly run other heating systems lessens with warm floors.

Q. Will Floor Heating System save money? How much does radiant floor heating save?

A. Floor Heating System in MA can save you anywhere from a small amount to a small fortune, depending on how much you use it. Running one floor mat for radiant floor heating uses the equivalent energy of a standard light bulb (so if your floor space is heated by three floor mats, it's the same as three light bulbs). Because of this, the warm floors system uses far less energy than a typical heating system, which can use a tremendous amount of electricity, gas, or other energy sources. Since you can heat only the rooms you want with radiant floor heating, there's no need to run that energy intensive system in your MA home after you have installed Floor Heating System.

Q. Lots of projects are 'DIY', but how easy are your Boston Floor Heating System systems to install?

A. With the provided manuals and materials, anyone in MA who can do a flooring project can install one of our radiant floor heating systems. Most of our warm floors come with self-adhesive strips, so fastening the mat is as simple as peel and stick. Though installing the thermostat can be done without much hassle, we do suggest in using an Boston electrician or other trusted MA professional.

Q. Will the Boston Floor Heating System installer need any special tools or materials for the radiant floor heating installation?

A. Not at all. For radiant floor heating you need are the typical tools and materials that you would normally use in any flooring project. Installing Floor Heating System is a simple project for any MA handyman or Boston DIYer.


Q. Do you Have Floor Heating System reviews for MA

A. Yes, of course we do. Click Here to check it out.




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That's right. floor heating has been around or a long time . The romance buildings were heated from underneath by quick burning fires tended to by servants who would constantly be feeding the fire while clearing out embers. The hot air is moving through ducts in the floor and then up through the walls where it would finally escape through chimneys. This floor heating system was known based on a heating system known as a hypocaust. The word hypocaust literally means floor heat from below. As this was a very costly addition to a house, only the very wealthy citizens afford floor heating. Less than wealthy citizens could only experience this idea at villa parties and bath houses. As time went by, these hypocaust pretty much disappeared, along with the empire. In the some area underfloor heating remained prevalent into the Medieval era. It is believed that during this time, the methods similar to the electric radiant floor heating used in modern times were invented. However, these ideas were not introduced to the World in large scale until far more recently. Also, it is from an even different source that the idea of heated floor reached the United States.



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