Heated Driveways and Snow Melting

We know that winters in can be bone-chilling, so imagine never having to shovel your driveway again. Our MeltMat technology will keep your driveway safe and snow free. No need to salt your driveway, pay for expensive ploughing or shovel your snow. Our heated driveway solutions can be installed in both new and existing driveways, as well as walkways and porches.

Our heated driveway solutions can be controlled by an indoor or outdoor controller, while our Snow Sense Technology can have your heated driveway automatically switch on at the first sign of snow.

U.S. Floor Heating has helped homeowners across enjoy the benefits of a heated driveway. Retire your shovel and enjoy the comfort of electric snow melting

MeltMat heating mats

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Never fear another snowfall again!

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Walking up stairs can be challenging for many people. Especially when the steps are covered in snow and ice. Installing our system for stairs will keep your feet steadily in place when walking up or down your stairway.


Your front porch is the meeting place where friends and neighbors are typically welcomed into your home. Give people a warm and safe welcoming by using our ice and snow melting mats for porches, stoops, landings and entries.


Your patio is a wonderful place to spend time on during the warmer months but in the winter it can be too cold to enjoy or a snow and ice covered hazard. Using our outdoor heating elements will warm up that patio surface making cold days and nights more bearable as well as melting snow and ice to make it accessible any time of year.


Getting to and from home can be a challenge in snow and icy weather. Your driveway should be warm, welcoming and ready for your safe arrival. Our heating elements can be designed to fit any driveway. Whether you want full coverage or another pattern such as tire tracks. Our team can make a heated driveway system to suit your needs.


Ice skating is a fun winter activity but not when you are trying to get from your front door to the car or to the street to get the mail. Our walkway snow melting system will melt snow as well as eliminate icing. Making a clear and safe path out your door to wherever you need to go.


Whether you are loading and unloading, driving into a garage or need handicap access a safe dry ramp is very important. Our ramp heating system will help prevent slippery spots and snow or ice buildup allowing accessibility year round.



MeltMat will work with any type of driveway/walkway, including: Tile, Concrete, Pavement, Blacktop, and more.

Embrace the winter and add value to your home.

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Basic Tech Info

Cover Area As Much as Electric Load Available
Mat Width 20" and 30"
Volt 120V, 240V, 480V, 600V
Watt per Sqft 25W, 35W, 50W
Cable Structure 4 Layers


installation pictures

heated driveway installation

Installing a MeltMat Heated Driveway

heated Stairs in snowstorm

A Heated Stairs make the Stairs clear and safe
even in a heavy snow storm

heated walkway

A Heated Walkway is clear and safe
even in a heavy snow storm

heated walkway

A Heated Waloway
with Loss Cable System

heated walkway with pavement bricks

Pavement bricks Heated Walkway is clear
and safe year Round

heated Patios

A Heated Patios is clear and safe
to Use Year Round


heated driveway controler

heated driveway controler

heated system relay box

A heated system relay box
for over 60A load

heated driveway wifi control

Heated Driveway Wifi Control via App
for easy control

We make Electrician's lives easy

Each U.S. Floor Heating System comes complete with all the electrical components needed including custom installation plans and wiring diagrams made to your electrical system suited specifically for each project.