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Yes, you can do-it-yourself & we will help

Installing a electric heated floor is a rewarding project especially when you (DIY) Do-It-Yourself. With US Floor Heating products, it couldn't be easier. Self adhering floor mats manufactured specifically for your project make it easy. Depending on the scope of your electric heated floor Grange il project, it can take as little as a couple of hours to a weekend to install and enjoy.

Here a few “how to” tips and a check list to get you started:

Plan Ahead
  • You will need to add some Grange il radiant floor heating elements. Consider your electric capacity. Is it 110 or 240 volt? You might need to consult an electric heated floor Grange il electrician for the necessary installation of power and the thermostat.Also you will need to plan on where you would like to place the thermostat.
Heated floor mats Grange il

  • Will this be your primary source of Grange il heated floor or an auxiliary to your existing system? If it is a primary source of heat, you may want more power and higher wattage mats.

    • Heated floor mats Grange il
      • Will this be your primary source of Grange il heated floor or an auxiliary to your existing system? If it is a primary source of heat, you may want more power and higher wattage mats.
      • What type of sub floor do you have? If it is cement board or a cement slab, you will want to use our Quick Mat with its adhesive back and easy installation. If it is wood, plywood or if you are heating between the joists from underneath, the Net Mat is a good choice. It is easy to secure in a number of ways by tape, staples, tacks or nails using the net. (Just don't staple or tack the electrical wires!)
      • How big of an area do you need to cover with Grange il heated floor. If it's a bathroom do you need heat where your feet don't go? Unless you actually step there, you can eliminated areas under raised cabinets or sinks. Also note, in Grange il electric heated floor should not be installed under fixed cupboards, cabinets, bathtubs or in walls or ceilings.
      • Measure the room. Make a sketch of the room with detailed and complete measurements on each side, nook and angle.
      • Take into consideration you should stay away from any other heating elements (active heat vents, a fireplace, your oven or stove).
      • Mat sizes come in a variety of widths. These mats can be shaped at angles and doubled back and forth to lie side to side by cutting the mesh. NEVER cut the wire.
      • Remember, if your Grange il electric heated floors project becomes too complicated, call for help or for a free layout using your measurements.


      1. Never cut any of the wires 2. do notlet the wires touch or cross each other when installed and the electricity is live.

      Electric heated floors in Grange il

      Step by Step installation

      Prepare the floor

      • Mark your thermostat and conduit location.
      • Install the electrical mount and conduit pipe. Ifyou are pulling more than 16 amps of power you will need to install a connection box for a relay.
      • Clean the floor surface of all dirt, nails, sawdust and other construction debris.
      • Mark the placement of each mat according to your plan. A chalk line works great on most floor surfaces.
      • Before rolling out the mats, Test them. Use a OHM meter to test the resistance. Results should be within 5% above or 10% below the tag value. If it is different, call us!

      Heated floor mats Grange il
      Get ready to roll the electric heated floor mat!

      • Place the mat on the areas you marked and roll out your mats. Make sure to leave at least two to three feetfrom any other heating elements.
      • Cut the mesh to fit around obstacles. Never cut the wire. You can avoid that by cutting away from the wire at all times. If your scissors gum up from the adhesive, keep a mild solvent handy to wipe them with.
      • After cutting, you will easily be able to turn the heating roll around in a new direction, The loop of wire will naturally set the proper distance (over 2.5 inches) between the run of mats. If for any reason that distance is less than 2.5 inches, re-position the mats as needed.
      • Get ready to pull some wiring. This should be done by a qualified electrician! Depending on Grange il's current code, youmay need two conduits. First pull the cold lead through the conduit to the thermostat. Then, because it is a lower voltage than the power leads, the sensor cable may need to go through a separate conduit to the thermostat. Place the sensor part of the cable end between the mat cables so it does not make contact with the heating wire. Also, make sure it is not placed in a sunny part of the floor.
      • Stick it all down! Remove the paper strip on the adhesive tape from the beginning all the way down, then do the side tapes. Tighten the slack in both directions to keep the wire tight to the floor.
      • Make sure the adhesive is well glued to the floor. If any wire sticks up, use a small piece of duct tape to anchor it down.
      • Repeat using OHM meter again as a final test to your excellent job! You are ready to install your floor.If there is to be a cover layer, make sure it is a minimum of 3/8 inches thick. If insulated, the R-value should be less than 2.5.

      Put the Grange il electric heated floor pro to work
      Stick down the mat to see if you pass the test
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