Tacoma Heated Driveways and Snow Melting

We know that winters in Tacoma can be bone-chilling, so imagine never having to shovel your driveway again. Our MeltMat technology will keep your driveway safe and snow free. No need to salt your driveway, pay for expensive ploughing or shovel your snow. Our heated driveway solutions can be installed in both new and existing driveways, as well as walkways and porches.

Our heated driveway solutions can be controlled by an indoor or outdoor controller, while our Snow Sense Technology can have your heated driveway automatically switch on at the first sign of snow.

U.S. Floor Heating has helped homeowners across Washington enjoy the benefits of a heated driveway. Retire your shovel and enjoy the comfort of electric snow melting

MeltMat heating mats Tacoma

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Never fear another Tacoma snowfall again!

New or Existing Driveway/Walkway Installation:

MeltMat will work with nearly any type of driveway/walkway, including: Tile, Concrete, Pavement, Blacktop, and more.

Embrace the Washington winter and add value to your home.

Interactive Heated Driveway Planner

We have created a user frendly online tool to analize your options for having a snow/ice melting system installed.

Simply enter your address below and the online tool will analyze the outdoor surfaces that a system can be install in as well as the cost to install in Tacoma

Address Selection
heated driveway installation Tacoma

Installing a MeltMat Heated Driveway

heated driveway in snowstorm WA

A Tire Track Installation
preserves a clear path

heated walkway Tacoma

A Heated Walkway is clear and safe
even in a heavy snow storm